Designing and elaboration of medical devices

Code: 11.817.05.07A
Title: Designing and elaboration of medical devices
Programme: Institutional Projects (Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development)
Execution period: 2011-2014
Institutions: Ghitu Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies, ASM
Project Leader: Nica Iurie, doctor, associate professor (docent)
Participants: Laboratory of Medical Technique
Keywords: Photodynamic therapy, laser therapy, fotosanitation, ultraviolet radiation



Lately photodynamic therapy methods used in the treatment of oncological diseases, in cosmetology, dentistry and other domains have gained increasing acceptance. Photodynamic therapy is the type of laser therapy that involves using drugs that are absorbed by tumor cells, activated when exposed to special light sources and destroy the cancer cells.

At the same time, a major problem modern medicine has to face is the combat of infectious diseases, because the current problem is to overcome the resistance that lots of pathogenic microorganisms develop to the most modern antibacterial preparations (antibiotic resistance). Fotosanitation therapy involves using ultraviolet radiation to annihilate unspecific flora that inhabits wounds on the body surface or internal cavities infected.

Based on fundamental research, analysis of the results obtained, empirically and literature, the proposed project will develop radiation devices with different wavelengths of light to perform procedures of photodynamic and fotosanitation therapy.