Medical Technique

Head of Laboratory – NICA Iurie, PhD, Assistant Professor ORCID

Phone: +373 (22) 28 03 45


Field of Laboratory activity:

- Investigation in the field of new medical technologies;

- Development of new medical devices.


Laboratory staff:



  • 11.817.05.07A  „Designing and elaboration of medical devices” (2010-2014), project manager dr. NICA Iurie;

  • 15.817.02.10A „Development of medical devices”, project manager dr. NICA Iurie (2015-2018).

Recent elaborations:

  • Device and technology for local hypertermia in crossed laser fluxes

  • Device and technology for antimicrobial UV phototherapy  

  • Device for photodynamic therapy  

Recent publications:

1. POPESCU, T.; VOVC, V.; BOBECO, A.; NICA, Iu.; POGORELISCHI, L.; MAXIMOV, E.; CEBOTARI, V.; IAVORSCHII, C. Posibilităţi de utilizare a iradierii fotonice de bandă largă în tratamentul tuberculozei.  Buletinul Academiei de Ştiinţe a Moldovei. Ştiinţe medicale. 2011, nr. 4(32), p.158 – 160. ISSN 1857 – 0011.

2. NICA, Iu.; ZAVRAJNÎI, S.; GRITZCO, A.; TIRON, Iu.; ESHANU, D.; MUSTEATZA, V.; STALBE, A. Installation for local hyperthermia in crossed laser fluxes. Proceedings of International Conference on  Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering, (ICNBME-2011) Chisinau,Republic of Moldova, July 7-8, 2011, pp. 266 – 270. ISBN 978-9975-66-239-0.

3. NICA, Iu.; ZAVRAJNÎI, S.; GRITZCO, A.; TIRON, Iu.; MUSTEATZA, V.; STALBE, A. Dispozitiv şi procedură de hipertermie locală în ţesut biologic. Proceedins:  The 4th  International  Conference on Telecomunications, Electronics and Informatics, May 12 – 20, Chişinău, 2012, Vol. II, pag. 331 – 339.

4. TEODORESCU, H.-N., COJOCARU, V. Biomimetic chaotic sensors for water salinity measurements, simulator and aplication. The Emerging Security Technologies (EST), September 5-7, 2012, Lisbon, Portugal. Proceedings pp. 182 – 185.

5. SPINEI,A.; NICA, Iu. Evaluating the effectiveness of UV irradiation on the oral cavity in rats. Proceedings of  2ndInternational Conference on Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering, April 18-20 th, 2013, Chisinau, pp.522 – 523.  

6. COJOCARU, V. Sensors based on chaotic systems for environmental  monitoring. improving disaster resilience and mitigation - IT means and  tools. Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research. Ed.  Springer 2014, pp. 323-334. ISBN 978-94-017-9138-0 (PB).

7. ZAVRAJNÎI, S.; NICA, Iu. Device for photodynamic therapy. 2nd Regional Workshop Health Technology Management, April 10–11, 2014, Chisinau. Book of Abstracts p. 67.

8. TEODORESCU, H.-N.; COJOCARU, V. Experimental investigation of the   reliability of reception of ultrasound signals in fire conditions. Fire Safety Journal, 2014, Vol. 66,  p. 25-34. (IF: 1.222)