Fundamental researches of the Institute include the following: 
Physical bases for meso- and nanoscopic redimensioning of properties and processes in solid state materials and structures

  • Identification of methods for reconfiguration of materials in meso- and nanodimensional scale and finding of correlations between structure and functional properties.

  • Physical processes and electronic transport in meso- and nanometric stuctures for mesoscopic electronics

Applied researches of the Institute include the following:

  1. Microtechnologies of solid state materials and structures for engineering of electronic devices and functional systems:
    • Development of microtechnologies of materials and structures and engineering of functional elements on their basis for intelligent devices, systems, and products

  2. Electronic structures, sensors, and devices for investigation of biophysical properties under nonthermal nonionizing radiation and for measurement of pressure in industrial processes:

    • Investigation of biophysical processes at interaction of intrinsic electromagnetic radiation and modulated complexes with living systems, design of relevant electronic devices

    • Low dimensional electronic structures with high thermoelectric tensoresistive properties for sensors and devices for measurement of low (vacuum) and high pressure (up to 6.0 MPa)

  3. Design and fabrication of medical equipment and technique.