Humboldt Kolleg 2016

Devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova



 Ethical, Ecological and Social Problems of Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies 

 Chişinău, Republic of Moldova (11.-14. Mai 2016)

Rapid development of one of the breaking-through area of human activity “Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies” during past 15 years (the first in the world National Program in Nanotechnologies was announced in USA in 2000) one can compare only with  the  development of nuclear energy problem  in last century. After the world-wide euphoria: - “Nanotechnologies can resolve all problems of humankind!” (the opinion, which was spread out not only by journalists, but also by experts), now days  came understanding of  a  high complexity of this multilateral problem.

 Nanotechnologies and human society, Nanotechnologies and Environment, Nanotechnologies and food production and human health – from that point of view, some of the   “hot questions” which appeared recently are:

What kind of negative tendencies and threats appeared in the area of Nanotechnologies?

What kind of influence that tendencies have shown on the human life and on the environment?

Which methods/approaches/ideas can be used for improvement of the situation?

What can we do, Humboldians and Humboldt-Associations,   for changing that negative tendencies, and to attract young researchers for investigation of the novel challenges and threats?

With the aim to discuss that problems, we organize the interdisciplinary meeting - Humboldt Kolleg: Ethical, Ecological and Social Problems of Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies NANO-2016,  the 6th such meeting of the experts in the wide area of NANO (following the  NATO ARW “Nanoscale Phenomena, Fundamentals and Applications; NANO-2007, NANO-2009, NANO-2011, and NANO-2013  hold in Chisinau in the past 10 years).

The central goal of the Kolleg is to bring together professors, lectures and researchers from different research centers and universities, working in an  intensive cooperation  to share their  experience, new ideas and results in various directions of NANO-world.

The sittings are planned to be formal (sessions) and informal (free discussions, round-tables, meeting of presidents of the regional Humboldt-clubs network).

Organizers of the Humboldt Kolleg:

Institute of Electronic Enginering and Nanotechnologies ASM, Institute of Applied Physics ASM, Moldavian Physical Society, National Museum of RM, University of ASM.

Director of the Humboldt Kolleg



Prof.Dr. Sidorenko Anatolie,

Director of Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies “D.GHITU” ASM   

Academiei Str.3/3,  MD2028, Kishinev, Moldova

Phone/Fax/e-mail+37322-737092/ +37322-727088/

m. 069513294



Deadline for 1-page Abstract Submission:  April 1st, 2016

Registration: March 1st, 2016

Kolleg: Mai 11-14, 2016


Participants are kindly requested to visit the window  Humboldt Kolleg-2016

on the website

regarding the program, registration, hotel reservation, as well as other necessary information.


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