„SPINTECH“ – Innovation Claster 


Today, on 20th December 2019, it was signed agreement of creation of the Innovation Claster “ELCHIM-MOLDOVA”. The main goal of that Claster is rapid implementation of innovations, elaborated in IEEN “D.GHITU” in general, and in frame of the project “SPINTECH” particularly.

Members of the Innovation Claster “ELCHIM-MOLDOVA” are:

  • Entreprize TOPAZ, 
  • Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies D.GHITU (IEEN)
  • State University of Moldova (USM)
  • Technical University of Moldova (UTM)
  • State  University D.Kantemir (UnASM)
  • State Universlty of Balti “Alecu Russo”


Coordinator of the project SPINTECH (grant agreement  Nr. 810144)


Prof. Dr. Anatolie Sidorenko.


Chisinau, 20.12.2019.