SPINTECH Summer School, 27-28 Mai 2021, Stockholm, Sweden. + Registration Form

Brain-like Artificial Neural Network: Superconducting Spintronic’s Alternative


SPINTECH Summer School, 27-28 Mai 2021, Stockholm, Sweden

This event is supported by the European Union H2020-WIDESPREAD-05-2017-Twinning project “SPINTECH”, grant agreement Nr. 810144:


“Boosting the scientific excellence and innovation capacity in spintronics of the D. GHITU Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies


Organizing committee

Prof. Anatolie Sidorenko, IEEN Chisinau, Moldova

Prof. Alexander Golubov, Uni-TWENTE, Enschede, Netherlands

Prof. Vladimir Krasnov, Uni-Stockholm, Sweden

Dr. Oleg Bujor, IEEN Chisinau, Moldova ​


Location: Seminar room A2:1041 of the Stockholm University, str. Roslagstullsbacken 21 , Stockholm


27.05.2021, First Day

9:00 - 12:00 Registration of participants in the entrance hall of Stockholm University

14:00 Opening of the Meeting -  Coordinator of the SPINTECH project Prof. Anatolie Sidorenko 

14:15   Artificial neural networks and superconducting basic elements beyond von Neumann computer. Lecture of Prof. Klenov Nikolai, Moscow State University, Russia.

15:15 Coffee break   

15:45 More than Moore -Emergent nanomaterials for computing and nanoelectronics.  Lecture of Prof. Igor Lukyanchuk,  Coordinator of H2020-RISE-MELON project, Amien University, France.

16:00   In-situ analysis of magnetic states in small S/F heterostructures. Lecture of Prof. Vladimir Krasnov, Stockholm University, Sweden.   

17:00 Presse-conference “Goals of the EU project SPINTECH and  of the SPINTECH-summer school” – prof. A.Sidorenko, Prof.V.Krasnov, Prof. A.Golubov.


18:00 Welcome  party.


28.05.2021, Second Day


10:00 Advanced methods of nanostructures fabrication for spintronics. Lecture of Prof. Anatolie Sidorenko (IIEN)

10:45   Control of the coherent quantum systems. Lecture of  Vsevolod Vozhakov, Moscow State University, Russia.

11:30 Coffee break   

12:00 Multi-level modeling of the functional nanostructures. Lecture of Prof. Alexander Vakhrushev, Izhevsk Technical University, Russia.


13:00 Lunch break

14:00  Quantum criticality tuned by magnetic field. Lecture of Prof. Feo Kusmartsev, Loughborough University, UK

14:45  Josephson effect in junctions superconductor - topological insulator. Lecture of Prof. Alexander Golubov, UTwente, Netherlands


15:30  Round table discussion – all participants.     


16:30 End of the meeting 

List of participants:

Prof. Anatolie Sidorenko – coordinator of the project (IIEN)

Prof. Vladimir Krasnov – leader of the SU group (SU)

Prof. Alexander Golubov – leader of UTWENTE group

Dr. Elena Condrea – head of the Cryogenic Laboratory, project member (IIEN)

Dr. Roman Morari - project member (IIEN)

Dr. Vladimir Fedorov- project member (IIEN)

Dr. Evgheni Antropov- project member (IIEN)

Dr. Andrei Prepelita - project member (IIEN)

Dr. Alexander Penin- project member (IIEN)

Dr. Oleg Bujor- project member (IIEN)

Dr. Taras Golod- project member (SU)

PhD student   Evgenii Borodianskyi,  project member (SU)

PhD student  Elena  Kapran,  project member (SU), 

PhD student Tairzan Karabbasov- project member (UTWENTE)

PhD student  Vladimir Boian, project member (IIEN)

PhD student Maria Lupu - project member (IIEN) 

PhD student Margarita Pischenko- project member (IIEN)

Researcher Igor Belotserkovschi- project member (IIEN)

Researcher Daniil Karaghenov- project member (IIEN)


Researcher Vladimir Smyslov- project member (IIEN)