The 12th International Conference on Intrinsic Josephson Effect and Horizons of Superconducting Spintronics

22-25 September 2021, Chisinau, Moldova

This event is supported by the European Union H2020-WIDESPREAD-05-2017-Twinning project “SPINTECH” under grant agreement Nr. 810144.



The aim of the event is to strengthen regional and interdisciplinary links between the scientists and scholars, while supporting the development of international contacts and introducing young researchers to professional and fruitful scientific work practices. The main goal of the Conference is to bring together leading experts to share their expertise and experience in developing of new ideas and principles, novel technologies and their implementations on frontiers of high-frequency superconducting electronics and spintronics.

Main topics:

  • Physics and applications of the intrinsic Josephson effect. 
  • S/F hybrid structures and horizons of superconducting spintronics.
  • High-frequency Josephson devices
  • Unconventional and topological superconductivity

Conference format

Due to restrictions related to COVID-19 pandemics, being optimistic, we plan to organize the conference in a mixed format both in physical and virtual space. Physically it will take place in Chisinau, Moldova. Physical participants will get a regular service including coffee breaks and social activity. All presentations will be live-streamed, facilitating virtual participation. Types of presentations: Oral (invited and regular, either physical or virtual), Poster (virtual only).


Registration starting on January 15, 2021

Deadline for registration and 1-page Abstract Submission: July 1, 2021 - Deadline is extended to 01 August 2021 !!!


Conference dates: September 22-25, 2021

Conference venue

Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies, str.Academiei 3/3, Chisinau, MD2028 Moldova, and hotel KLASSIK (“Hotel Club Service”, str. Kogalniceanu nr. 6, MD-2001, Chisinau).


Participants are kindly requested to visit the website of the conference regarding registration, program, model for the abstract (template) as well as other necessary information, at the web page:



You can send your abstract and registration also directly to the mail-box: h2020.spintech@gmail.com


Organizing committee provides rooms reservation for participants in the hotel KLASSIK (“Hotel Club Service”, str. Kogalniceanu nr. 6, MD-2001, Chisinau) with a special price – participant shall fill in the respective box in the registration form for that (to write: arrival date and departure date, flight number for transfer from airport to hotel, single or double room to be reserved).

Conference proceedings

Proceedings of the conference will be published as a special issue of Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, Germany (IF=2,6 )

International advisory board

Asano Yasuhiro (Japan, Sapporo)

Bernhard Christian (Switzerland, Fribourg)

Buzdin Alexander (France Bordeaux)

Eschrig Matthias (Germany, Greifswald)

Hilgenkamp Hans (Netherlands, TWENTE)

Il’ichev Evgeni (Germany, Jena)

Kadowaki Kazuo (Japan, Tsukuba)

Kakeya Itsuhiro (Japan, Kyoto)

Kawabata Shiro (Japan, Tsukubo)

Keimer Bernhard (Germany, Stuttgart)

Kleiner Reinhold (Germany, Tuebingen)

Klemm Richard (USA, Florida)

Klenov Nikolai (Moscow, Russia)

Koshelets Valery (Moscow, Russia)

Koshelev Alexei (USA, Argonne)

Kupriyanov Mikhail (Moscow, Russia)

Kusmartsev Feo (Laughborough, UK)

Lukyanchuk Igor (France, Amien)

Ryazanov Valery (Chernogolovka, Russia)

Soloviev Igor (Moscow, Russia)

Stolyarov Vasily (Dolgoprudny, Russia)

Tanaka Yukio (Japan, Nagoya)

Vinokur Valery (USA, Argonne)

Wang Huabing (PRC, Nanjing)

Welp Ulrich (USA, Argonne)

Organizing Committee

Prof. Anatolie Sidorenko, IEEN Chisinau, Moldova

Prof. Alexander Golubov, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Prof. Vladimir Krasnov, University of Stockholm, Sweden

Local Organizing Committee

Director of the conference Prof. Sidorenko Anatolie

D.GHITU” Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies, Academiei str.3/3, MD2028, Chisianu,Moldova ; Phone/Fax/E-mail: +37322-737092/ +37322-727088/ anatoli.sidorenko@kit.edu

Scientific secretary of the conference: Dr. Antropov Evgheni, IEEN Chisinau, Moldova, e-mail: aidjek@gmail.com ; Viber: +37379757615

Administrator of the conference: Dr. Bujor Oleg, IEEN Chisinau, Moldova, e-mail: bujor.oleg@gmail.com ; Viber: +37379622073